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What to Look for When Hiring an In-Office Coffee Service

If you don’t want your employees to waste time making coffee runs, you may benefit from hiring an office coffee service. Here’s what to look for when comparing the various services available.

Almost 50% of employees drink 4 cups of coffee or tea at work in one day.

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things is a phrase seen on everything from wall decor to mugs, to t-shirts. This is a true statement for a large number of people.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade from the gross (or worse instant) coffee in your breakroom, we salute you!

You’ve made a smart decision. Your employees will start the day with a smile instead of a groan. And they won’t waste company time going to the nearest coffee shop.

Good coffee equals happy employees. When employees can gather in front of a coffee machine, they are better able to cope with the stress at work.

Read on for a list of what to look for when looking for an office coffee supplier.

1. Know What Your Company Wants

Fresh CoffeeBefore you begin shopping for office coffee service, make sure you know what is most important to your organization.

Are you looking for fairtrade coffee? Or do you want to make sure there are a number of optional blends? Perhaps cost is the most important factor.

You might want to consider supporting a local coffee roaster. Yes, the price will increase but only by a few cents per cup. Your employees will appreciate your efforts to help local businesses, and you can add that to your Green initiatives.

Coffee providers will be able to better provide you with a quote and a list of options once they understand exactly what you are looking for.

2. Get Good Equipment for your Office Coffee

Your office coffee is only as good as the equipment. Employee satisfaction will plummet if the coffee machine is always out of order.

Don’t risk it. Ask your office coffee service provider what brands they offer. Choose a provider who uses reputable brands such as BUNN, Curtis, Jura or Fetco.

A good brand means reliable equipment that will allow your good quality beverage to taste like it. Never agree to use anything else.

3. Know Your Office Coffee Provider – Ask for References

referencesA website’s testimonial page is a good start, but would a company put up a bad review? No. Go ahead and ask any potential coffee provider to give you some references.

Ask for references from companies that have approximately the same number of employees as you do. That way you will be able to get a reasonable comparison.

When you call those references, make sure to ask a variety of questions about their products as well as their services. You want to know how the coffee tastes, of course. Also ask how prompt the provider is at solving issues, returning calls and emails and servicing machines.

Ask how long that company has been using this coffee provider for. Ask if there’s anything you should know. They might have a great tip about a certain blend or the best way to contact them.

Finish off the call by asking if they would recommend this coffee provider.

Need to find providers fast? Search, review, and get up six quotes in minutes.

4. Make Excellent Customer Service a Must

When you are looking for the right office coffee service for your organization, make customer service a top priority. Yes, the price and coffee must be a good fit, but even the best deal will turn sour if you are not happy with the level of service you are getting.

Ask any company you are interviewing how soon they can come service equipment or perform required maintenance. Ideally, they should be able to come the same day or the next business day.

Find out how often they clean the carafes and when they plan to re-stock your supplies.

5. Don’t Sign a Contract With Your Coffee Service

Be extremely wary of a company that recommends you signing a contract to offer you a better rate.

An honest, reputable office coffee service provider will be able to get and keep business based on their product and customer service team.

A contract is a company’s way of locking you in. It may also limit you to a particular machine only. You want to test out various machines to find one that best meets your needs.

Signing a contract isn’t necessary, and you shouldn’t get into one.

6. Rent, Don’t Own Coffee Equipment

Coffee Brewer - Commercial GradeYou might think that purchasing the coffee machine is a better deal than paying rent on it. However, if you rent a machine, when it eventually breaks down you are responsible for repairs and replacements.

However, if you just rent the machine, they will repair or swap out the equipment as needed with no headache to you. If it’s their property, they will likely be diligent about maintenance and upkeep.

7. Use Filtered Water

From day 1, implement a filtered water policy for the new coffee equipment. Your building likely has hard water. Even if it does have a water softener, over time scale and buildup will cause issues for the equipment.

Filtered water prolongs the life of your appliances. Plus filtered water ensures a good quality beverage. See if your office coffee service provider offers water filtration for the brewer.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found these tips for finding an office coffee service helpful.

Remember, employees feel more motivated and valued when provided with perks in the office. In fact, 37% of employees would rather have good office coffee than an annual holiday party!

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