multi-line phone systemBest Multi-Line Phone System for Small Business

Are you looking for a multi-line phone system for your small business? Read on to learn about the best ones.

Home and business phone technology has greatly advanced during the last few years. The telecom industry’s innovations mean how we communicate at work and home significantly differs from only two decades ago.

A multi-level phone system gives small businesses many advantages over traditional ones.

Learn more about these multi-level systems below and what the best option may be for your small business.

Why Should I Get a Multi-Line Phone for My Office Phone?

Every small business operates differently. However, most small businesses benefit from installing a multi-line phone system. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does each employee need their own phone extension with a separate dial number?
  • Do your employees need to make external calls from their phone handset?
  • Would you prefer to provide clients with dedicated numbers to call certain employees or departments?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, a multi-line phone system may be right for you.

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How Does a Multi-Line Phone System Work?

A multi-line phone system allows for the linkage of two or more phones through the same connection by splitting a single incoming line into multiple lines. This means a business can set up a single internal phone system without needing to install additional phone lines. A multi-line phone system minimizes disruptions and any extra expenses.

A multi-level phone system gives every employee their own extension number. It also permits him or her to pick up internal calls when their co-workers cannot get to their phones.

Most come with special features like voicemail. They also come with a call management protocol that answers and directs calls to the appropriate office phone.

Two-Line Vs. Four-Line Vs. Cloud-Based Phones Systems

Learn the difference between two-line, four-line, and cloud-based systems to make your decision.

office phone -Multi LinesTwo-Line Phones

A two-line phone system works best for small companies and home-based business owners. They offer many functions like call forwarding and auto-attendant. The system features two completely separate lines, telephone numbers, and voicemail inboxes for individual home and business phone lines.

Four-Line Phones

A four-line phone system works similarly to a two-line system but offers four completely separate lines instead of just two. A four-line system allows for four of your employees to be on different phone calls at the exact same time. You can even connect up to 16 lines on a four-line system depending on how many lines your employees need access to simultaneously.

Cloud-Based Phones

Most multi-line phone systems are now cloud-based, also known as virtual, hosted VoIP-based systems. Cloud-based systems do away with traditional set-ups. They replace them instead with a cheaper, virtual network with less hardware.

Employees can access these systems from anywhere. You can even integrate them into your current computers and smartphones.

A cloud-based system offers less physical limitations with much more scalability and versatility. You can increase the number of users from two to four to more than 100 since you add all the lines virtually. This allows for better flexibility and an easier installation process.

Comparing the Top Multi Line Phone Systems

Now that you understand how multi-line phone systems work, you need to narrow down your options. Check out the comprehensive reviews of the top companies offering multi-line systems for small businesses below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to compare other popular business phones systems through our convenient and inclusive price list.


8x8 Logo The very best multi-line phone system comes from the United States-based VoIP provider, 8×8. You would think their record for excellent connectivity would mean they cost a lot. However, small business owners can find plans starting at only $25/month per user.

The 8×8 multi-line system includes all the major features you need to succeed. You get unlimited calling and faxing, business SMS, instant messaging, and a reasonable amount of storage space for media.

8×8 has a terrific reputation for being easy to use and affordable. Their phone systems come with their own online portals and do not require you to have PBX-style hardware. Your business’s IT staff members do not need to know everything about VoIP either.

8×8 offers free online training and in-person training for an additional fee. They also allow you to purchase your own phones rather than forcing you to buy the phones they provide.

8×8’s mobile application works on both Android and iOS. It allows your employees to access their business lines on their smartphones.

The app even offers all the same features as their work phones. It comes with instant messaging, voicemail access, and the ability to view online faxes and their co-workers’ status.


Grasshopper is a cloud-based VoIP provider founded in the U.S. by entrepreneurs for other entrepreneurs. The simple and cheap Grasshopper multi-line phone system works great for a small office.

Their basic plan starts at only $29/month for one number with three extensions. You have the option to expand up to five numbers with unlimited extensions for $89/month.

Grasshopper offers a wide range of features from custom greeting and call forwarding to inbound faxes and call screening. The system converts all inbound faxes and voicemails into emails, so you do not need to convert any documents. It will even read your voicemails to you.

Their Instant Response feature sends a pre-determined text to a caller if you miss their call.

You can assign each employee an extension with Grasshopper to make your small business appear larger and more professional. It also features routing for extensions, customizable greetings, hold music, a name directory, and access to voice actors through their voice studio.


RingCentral LogoAnother provider from the U.S., RingCentral offers many useful features for a great price of only $24/month per user. This standard, base plan comes with 1,000 toll-free minutes, unlimited calling and conference calling, call management, and unlimited video conferencing for up to four lines. It also provides both Android and iOS mobile apps, multi-level auto-attendants, and log reports in the basic plan.

Ring Central’s premium plan offers even more with 2,500 toll-free minutes and a video conference capacity of up to 50 lines. Additionally, you get automatic call recording, caller ID, custom application deployment, and smart integration with Zendesk and Salesforce CRM systems.

Ring Central guarantees service for their customers even during outages by switching your phone lines to an unaffected data center. They also give you access to a phone specialist to help you install and use their phone service for an easier transition.

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