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What is a Website Building and How Much Does it Cost?

Most website development projects cost between $3,500 and $7,400 for 1-50 web pages with the biggest cost being in the initial programming and set up. Additional pages cost around $150 – $250 each. E-commerce sites and database-driven websites run about $10,000 or more depending on the scope and overall size of the project.

Buyers GuideWeb design or website building specifically refers to crafting the visual look and feel of a website, be it a business site or a personal blog. Many people think of the term “web design” as interchangeable with “web development,” but while the former is about the aesthetics and usability of a site, the latter is about the function and the performance—somewhat similar to the difference between engineering (making sure a structure does its job in the best way possible) and architecture (making sure a structure is as appealing and easy to navigate as possible). Most companies and some individuals offer both design and web development services for websites, and there is some overlap in these areas, but it’s important to be aware of the differences so you can determine exactly what you need and find a service that can give it to you at the right price point.

Professional Website Design Options

Web design Pricing

Any element of your website that a customer or other visitor will see, hear, or interact with is in the realm of web design. Professional website designers know how to use visual principles to create sites that people will stay on longer, with both visual appeal and the organization of information carefully constructed according to design principles and your brand’s image. Good website design is as important to any online business (or any online face of a business) as store layout and design are to any retail business—customers who enjoy the appearance of your website and who can easily find what they’re looking for are far more likely to become customers, to give you repeat business, and to give you referral business.


For new websites, design and development are typically purchased at once, and the price can range from a few hundred dollars for simple sites to many thousands of dollars for enterprise-level sites, with ongoing costs for constant maintenance and updates. Design-only services are available for existing websites in need of a facelift; prices vary depending on the size of the site and the extent of the changes needed, but again you can expect to pay at least a couple hundred dollars.

What to Look For in a Website Design & Web Development Company: 

The first thing to look for when hiring any type of website design is a portfolio of past work that you like the look of. You need a website designer or design team that can build a site both you and your customers will enjoy. Next, read the fine print carefully when you sign—some design services maintain ownership of their designs as a means of keeping their clients on yearly contracts for updates. This might not be a bad deal, as regular updates are an important part of maintaining a website, but make sure you understand what you’re paying for.

Website Building Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for website building services that will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • Average rates for a 7-10 page website $3,200 – $5,000.
  • $8,000 approximate cost for a custom website 11-50 pages.
  • E-commerce websites will range between $10,000 – $50,000.

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