Compare Video Conferencing Software – BUYERS GUIDE 2018

How Much Does Video Conferencing Software Cost and What to Look For:
Video conferencing software allows professionals from any industry to have meetings with colleagues or clients who may be located on the far side of the globe, typically for a price that will range from $15 to $50 per month. The basic nature of video conferencing software is that the programs enable a real-time audio and video connection between two or more parties. When used properly, video conferencing software allows corporations to slash travel budgets, as meetings that once required constant travel can now be accomplished with a webcam, Internet connection and computer.

Compare Video Conferencing Software Pricing

Video Conference
Video Conference
Monthly Price25+ Participants Post Call
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Compare Prices
ZoomZoom$49Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
TelylabsTelylabsN/AService  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
InterCallInterCall$39Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckService  Offered - Check
GlobalMeetGlobalMeet$45Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
Adobe ConnectAdobe Connect$45Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckService  Offered - Check
HighfiveHighfiveN/AService  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
BlueJeansBlueJeans$50Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
Onstream Meetings Onstream Meetings $15Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
WebExWebEx$49Service  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - XNo Service Not Offered - X
iLinciLinc$39Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
Fuze MeetingFuze Meeting$40Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X
GoToMeetingGoToMeeting$39Service  Offered - CheckService  Offered - CheckNo Service Not Offered - X

When looking for video conferencing software, you should first define how many people you may need to include in a typical conference session at a given time. Different software packages allow different maximum participants in a video conference session. If you only need to hold small conferences, you may be able to find a smaller, more affordable conferencing packages than if you need to hold large sessions. Some training webinars or company-wide video conferences may include a thousand users or more, and these types of projects require more robust software.

Look for additional features that may fit with your proposed use for the software before signing a contract with a service provider. These include webinar functionality and features for archiving and utilizing session data at a later date. You will also need to decide between two main categories of video conferencing software, which is ASP or hosted. An ASP service is hosted by the company that you lease the software from, which also means they provide total support from their end. The downside is that an interruption in their Internet service or hosting can leave you without access to your product. If you opt for a hosted video conferencing solution instead, you have a lot more control, but you’re going to need an in house team capable of maintenance and support if you should have a problem.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Your Video Conferencing Software

Video Conference SolutionsFactors that affect the prices of video conferencing services include the size of the conferences that can be accommodated, the additional features included, the support offered by the company and whether the software is hosted by the provider, or on your local system. More advanced encryption features may also cause the price to go up.

At the low end of the spectrum, basic video conferencing software is available for as low as $15 per month. More advanced programs with increased functionality however, can cost $50 per month or more, depending on how many accounts you need to have access to the software.

If you plan  to hold a meeting with people from outside of the office, stop wasting thousands of dollars and save with quality conferencing software solutions. The best video conferencing solutions can set you up with a virtual meeting solution that you can easily and affordably host from your own PC without any special equipment or difficult installation.

Although video conferencing offers a very rich suite of seemingly complex features, the setup is surprisingly simple – all that is required is a basic home computer with high-speed Internet access, a video conferencing client, and an office phone line. Once you have that in place, the best video conferencing products can take care of the other requirements.

Video conferencing software experts can walk you through the neat features that come with their software  and with a few cool add-ons like video cameras or microphones, they can also help you get the most out of your setup.

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