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In 2021 spray paint booths cost between $2,600 and $21,500. This guide will help you understand what drives the prices up or down. Spray painting booths are commonly used as a piece of equipment in many different industries. This is an area where you don’t want to take shortcuts. Not using a properly designed spray painting booth is just asking for damage to your work-space, health problems for your staff, and a less than ideal job for your clients. Today, you can learn about exactly what a spray paint booth is, what to look for when shopping for one, and you can get an idea of how much you should expect to pay once you’re ready to move forward with the purchase of your very own.

What are Spray Paint Booths?

Spray paint booths are an essential piece of equipment in any shop that is using spray paint as a finishing method. Essentially, the booth is a self-contained enclosure designed to contain the fumes and paint that is dispersed into the air while spray painting. It also serves the purpose of helping to keep external contaminants out of the work area to help create the best finish possible while spray painting.

There are many different kinds of spray paint booths. Some are designed to be set up outside while others are designed to create a completely self-contained paint zone inside of an existing shop. Mostly, they are defined by how they manage airflow. The air may come in through either an open front, horizontally through a filtration system, or from the ceiling in a downdraft booth.

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What to Look for When Buying Spray Paint Booths

Open front booths are utilitarian for preventing over-spray from polluting other areas of your workshop. However, for jobs where a high-quality finish is required, this option, while affordable, is likely not the most suitable. The lack of a filtration system means that everything and anything may come into your paint field at any time because the front of the booth is completely open, leading to many likely contaminants in your paint job. However, for uses where utility rather than perfection is the goal, an open booth provides a very cost-effective means for a safe and usable spray painting workspace.

If you need a total enclosure, a cross-draft booth is the most economical option. Here, the air will be drawn in through a horizontal intake and flow to an outbound filter on the other side of the room. This will give you all the basic features that you’re looking for in a spray booth.

If you’re really worried about quality and working conditions and the cost is not a limiting factor, the downdraft booth is likely the option that will suit you best. In these booths, the air comes in through a ceiling-mounted intake fan, and then can be directed to the floor, sidewall, or back-mounted exhaust filtration systems.

It is also important that when you’re shopping for a booth you find one with a high-quality filtration system and a monitoring system to let you know when it is time to swap filters. Typically, this is done with a manometer. Without this in place, you may be using your booth when the filtration is no longer working properly, something that can lead to problems both in your work-space and in your paint jobs.

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A special consideration is required if you are going to be doing any powder coating in your work-space. Power coats require a stronger filtration system because no exterior contamination can occur in order for the job to turn outright. You need to buy a specialty filtration system if you are going to be doing powder coat work in your booth.

 Top Tips for Buying a Spray Paint Booth

  • Look for the personal touch. A great spray paint booth company should have representatives that are more than willing to discuss your exact needs in-depth so they can provide you with a solution that fits your specific work environment. Some will even go as far as to send a representative to do a site visit. If a company only has pre-fab options that you select from a webpage or catalog, you can likely find a better fit elsewhere
  • Always ask about the warranty. This becomes increasingly important the more expensive and complex your booth is because you want to make sure you are covered for a reasonable amount of time after making such a sizable investment.
  • Ask about installation options. For a simple open-front booth there are many options that will be delivered to you in pieces with fairly straightforward self-assembly directions provided. However, if you’re purchasing a large or more complex booth it is good to have professional assistance with installation, which most manufacturers and resellers provide. This can come in the form of an expert who will help supervise installation, or via a full team that can handle every aspect of the installation process from start to finish.

How Much Do Spray Paint Booths Cost? Compare Pricing

The most affordable open front spray booths can cost as little as $2000. On the other hand, a very large, highly customized spray paint booth with complex filtration systems can cost as much as $100,000. Typically, however, the average booth of mid-range size and options is going to cost between $15,000 and $20,000.

The booths that start to creep up closer to the six-figure mark are typically those that are specially designed for the automotive or aircraft industries. These types of fabrication shops require very strict control of external contamination which means a more complex and comprehensive filtration system. They may also need to be larger which also increases the cost.

One good area to spend extra money on when pricing out your booth is to opt for a booth that can be upgraded in the future. These options are a little more expensive at the outset, but it means that you will be able to save a great deal of money in the future by simply expanding or adapting your existing booth instead of having to buy a completely new unit in order to expand your operation.

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