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What is applicant recruiting Software and How Much Does it Cost?

Recruitment software costs range from $40 to $1000 a month with relation to features, amount of employees to access software, and number of candidate added each month. Final considerations will be using ASP system or a client server.

Recruiting software refers to software applications that automate the sourcing and hiring process for recruiting agencies as well as businesses. This software performs the basic operations of a recruiting firm, including candidate search and retrieval, job order tracking, and interview and placement tracking. Premium recruiting software helps businesses manage the high volume of applicant information and protects against major data loss. Renting rather than buying recruiting software can order to keep costs down, depending on how heavily it's used. Rental costs typically include software upgrades and free technical service as part of your package. Many cloud-based providers now only offer subscription-based access. Expect outright purchases to run well into the thousands.

Compare Hiring Software Pricing

 Recruiting Software SystemOverall RatingUsersGet Prices to Compare
BullHorn ATS1Visit Website
Ultimate - UltiPrl5 Visit Website
HRM Direct5 Visit Website
Big Biller5 Visit Website
iCIMS Talent Platform100+Visit Website
Hyrell Online Recruiting10 Visit Website
HealthcareSource5 Visit Website
The Applicant Manager1Visit Website
BambooHR50 Visit Website
mindSCOPE - CURA5 Visit Website

Recruitment Hiring Software CostsWhat to Look For In Job Recruiting Software: 

Good recruiting software should have a planner above all. Planners allow you to schedule all operations within the software, which affects the efficiency with which you are able to manage recruits. Also look for a resume parser, which automates the process of taking standard information like names, addresses, references, and job titles from applicants' resumes and entering them into your database. Your software should also feature communication tools that allow you to manage and archive correspondence with candidates, including sending targeted messages to passive and active applicants.

Most recruiting software will also enable you to take advantage of online applications, so check out what you'll need to do to integrate your site, too.

Always Research and compare top Recruiting Software Solutions and view customer reviews, try free demos and compare price quotes of the best online recruiting tools and resume management systems. A quality web-based employment management system for HR and staffing professionals has never been easier to find. 

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