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What Are Interactive Kiosks and How Much Do They Cost? Interactive Kiosks cost between $500 to $4,500 depending on display size, interface, and items such as ticketing, POS, or retail marketing. Other factors may include internet access, using for digital photos, trade shows, or human resources.From movie tickets to airline check-ins, DVD rentals to self-checkout lanes at the grocery store, more and more customer service interactions are taken care of by the customers themselves, along with the assistance of an interactive kiosk. Though they come in many shapes, sizes, capabilities, and functions, an interactive kiosk is basically any machine that allows a consumer to "self-serve" themselves in any purchase or service scenario. Computers typically provide the controls, with a screen and/or audio prompts providing communication from the kiosk to the user while users use physical buttons and/or touchscreens to key in responses.

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 Kiosk Make / ModelDisplayInterfaceOverall RatingCompare Prices
Star Micronics ASRStar Micronics ASR7.0" LCDUSB5 Star RatingCompare Prices
SERA Inteeractive Kiosk SERA - L55H7M-T255.0" LCDUSB5 Star RatingCompare Prices
Peerless KP555-AB CostPeerless KP555-AB55.0" LCDUSB5 Star RatingCompare Prices
Star Micronics AsuraCPRNTStar Micronics AsuraCPRNT7.0" LCDUnknown5 Star RatingCompare Prices
ViewSonic CD4230TViewSonic CD4230T42.0" LCDUSB4.5 Star RatingCompare Prices
Algo 8036 SIP Kiosk Price TableAlgo 8036 SIP5.7" VGAWeb4.5 Star RatingCompare Prices
Display Werks 4050-TU-400CXN2-4D KiosksDisplay Werks
40.0" LCDUSB4.5 Star RatingCompare Prices
AOpen Warm Touch - WT22M-RHAOpen Warm Touch
21.5" LEDUSB4.5 Star RatingCompare Prices
Elo Interactive 3201L - Kiosk Price CompareElo Interactive 3201L32.0" LEDUnknown4.5 Star RatingCompare Prices
DT Research WebDTDT Research WebDT8.9" LCDWeb4 Star RatingCompare Prices

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Touch Screen Kiosk

ATMs are probably the most familiar type of interactive kiosks, and have certainly been around the longest in the consumer world. Instead of speaking to a bank teller, customers can insert their account-linked ATM card into the machine, key in a security code or personal identification number (PIN), and then perform a variety of transactions that the internal computer carries out and tracks. All interactive kiosks work on the same basic principles, allowing customers to perform transactions, print tickets, make appointments, and virtually anything else that a human customer service agent can do given enough computer power and mechanical capability.

Because interactive kiosks present a one-time cost with minimal maintenance while performing many of the same tasks that otherwise require employees and all of their associated costs, their use has been growing across many consumer industries. Automation and direct computer tracking of transactions also creates improvements in efficiency and security for many interactions. At the same time, the costs for an interactive kiosk can be considerable if you need them for advanced functions. Stand-alone ATMs are relatively inexpensive at around $2,000 and simple kiosks without the same security needs as cash-laden ATMs can be even cheaper. On the other end of the spectrum, self-checkout machines used in grocery stores can cost tens of thousands of dollars due to the special equipment, complex database and back-end interface capabilities, and physical design requirements.

What to Look For in an Interactive Kiosk

Because of the diversity of interactive kiosk options and capabilities, what you should look for varies considerably based on your business's needs. If you want the ability to print tickets or receipts for purchases, you'll need a kiosk that comes with the right printing capabilities. If you plan on allowing your customers to use kiosks to make purchases, you'll need one with the right credit card security safeguards installed and with the communication setup to make for quick and easy transactions.

Don't buy the biggest, most complex kiosk you can find if your business doesn't need it, but at the same time make sure the interactive kiosk you select is actually up to all of the tasks you have in mind for it. If your customer service solution makes for frustrating interactions, the customers you lose will eliminate the efficiency benefits the kiosks are supposed to give you.

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