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How Much Does HR Software Cost and What to Look For: HR software that is licensed on a monthly basis may cost anywhere from $50 to $900 per month and up. In includes payroll software, health insurance software,  time & attendance software, and more. The programs provide for a wide range of human resource functions, including managing current employees, employee training, performance evaluation, recruiting and more. The exact features that you’re looking for will affect which part of the price range your software falls into.

Compare HR Software Pricing

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HR software is a very broad category, and when shopping for it you should first clarify where exactly your needs lie. HR management suites, for example, are designed to help your human resources department with recruiting and managing existing staff. Every applicant and employee represents significant amounts of data that need to be managed, and the software can provide for this. Certain suites also include solutions for e-learning and training of employees, helping you to get them up to speed once they go through the recruiting process. Other programs may only focus on one of these features instead of operating as part of a comprehensive suite.

When shopping for HR software, you want to look for solutions that will directly improve the organization or productivity within your organization. This means defining your needs carefully, preferably in consultation with your human resources department, and then finding software that specifically meets those needs. This is a much more efficient process than purchasing a broad program and trying to modify internal processes after the fact to match with the capabilities of your new software.

Another thing to shop for is HR software that lowers your costs. For instance, small companies may benefit from HR software that incorporates payroll features, allowing them to internally manage payroll instead of outsourcing it to an external vendor. Modern e-learning software allows you to create custom training programs that help get your employees up to date on the latest products or procedures in your organization, helping to create a more effective work force.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Your HR Outsourcing Service

If you only need a very basic program to fulfill a single function such as authoring e-learning modules, you may only have to pay $30-$60 per month. On the other hand, a larger management suite that will allow you to handle multiple aspects of the workload in a human resources department is likely to cost between $100-$500 per month. In many cases, billing will instead be arranged on a per-user basis, with each user costing anywhere from $6 to $100 per month, depending on the program and its functionality.

What else is included in HR software?  Employee background checks, retirement plans, general liability, PEO employee leasing, and workers compensation software solutions.

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