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What is GPS Fleet Tracking Software and How Much Does It Cost? 

GPS Fleet Tracking Software includes Global Positioning System devices you install in your vehicles and software that displays real-time locations and logistics for multiple vehicles in one easy-to-view place. GPS Fleet Tracking Software can accommodate fleets of just a few vehicles to fleets of hundreds.

Expect small installation and/or equipment fees, though some services offer this for free, and then a monthly subscription charge for your GPS Fleet Tracking Software. These fees range from $30/month per vehicle for basic systems to advanced systems laden with features for $60/month or more.  Other important factors that affect prices are fleet size and whether or not you intend to buy or lease the software.

Compare GPS Fleet Management Software Pricing

 GPS Fleet Tracking SoftwareScoreTracking &
GPS Tracking FeaturesSupportCompare Prices
Track Your Truck8.759.598%
Track What Matters8.59.3597%
Fleetmatics GPS9.239.2596%
Driver Locate8.759.2596%


GPS Fleet Tracking SoftwareWhat to Look For In Fleet Management Software: 

GPS Fleet Tracking Software should have three essential features: 24/7 real-time vehicle and driver location updates, vehicle status reports, and maintenance planners. More advanced systems can deliver reports on fuel consumption, average vehicle speed, number of stops, and estimated time of arrival. These systems also monitor driver activity—braking habits, reckless driving, and habits that might cause vehicle stress.

All of this information can be delivered to your laptop, mobile phone, or other Internet-connected device, making it easy for fleet managers on the go. Fleet tracking software should deliver data into easy-to-read reports including tables and charts, making the data collected immediately useful to you and your business. Finally, make sure your GPS provider offers a solid service plan in the event of damage or malfunction.

More Buying Tips and Information: Look for systems that efficiently track and report routes driven, number of stops made, total mileage, poor driving habits, and speed driven. We recommend mobile capabilities and possibly text message or email alerts that notify you as needed. Real time location updates are good when monitoring your fleet and when you need live updates regarding each trucks location.

Popular Suppliers: Telogis, Fleetmatics, NexTraq, Networkfleet, Track What Matters, and Fleetistics.

GPS Fleet Tracking System Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for GPS Fleet Tracker Systems which will give you an idea how how much you will pay for you purchase.

  • May reduce gas consumption by  20%.
  • Cost will range between $35-$50 per month per vehicle tracked.
  • Set Up Fee ranges from $0.00 to $25.
  • Hardware cost $85 to $199 per vehicle.

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Serving over 42,000 customers like Time Warner cable DIRECTV, and Mediacom, Fleetmatics has earned recognition from BERG Insight, effie awards, and Stevie American business awards. They have more than 115 billion date points collected and will increase productivity and filed efficiency.  Expect to pay about $25 per vehicle per month  and about $99.50 for hardware (per unit). Know what's going on in the field real-time so your company and management team can easily dispatch more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and largely reduce or eliminate time spent calling drivers for updates.  Managing your trucks, vans, and field workers on a whiteboard starts out simple, but as soon as one thing changes, it can take a lot of time and a number of phone calls to get the schedule back under control. Fleetmatics works and let you see everyone’s availability and open time slots in an easy-to-read format, this make it so much easier when assigning jobson the fly.



Pricing for NexTraq runs $34.95 per truck plus a nominal fee of $179 for software. Packed with tracking info on routes & stops, speed, and maintenance info this is great GPS fleet tracking solution. Designed for reliability and super ease-of-use, the comprehensive NexTraq® Fleet Tracking software is the answer to all your needs. Comprehensive doesn’t have to be complicated. NexTraq gives you the tools you need for complete fleet management. Nextraq will make your dispatcher’s work much easier and simplify the often times tedious process of creating, assigning and dispatching service jobs. NexTraq’s comprehensive dispatch solution maximizes fleet efficiency and improves your customer service across the board.


Rhino Fleet Tracking

The price for Rhino Fleet Tracking Software is just $16.95 a month along with $34.95 for equipment and hardware needed to work with your GPS software. Solutions include vehicle trackers, trailer trackers, and battery powered trackers. Rhino Fleet Tracking systems allow those that mange fleets of trucks to monitor their vehicles and equipment. Installation of a GPS fleet tracking system allows drivers, managers, and staff to substantially improve their communications, profits, and security. This is a great way to control truck/van speeds, decrease idle times, and reduce vehicle misuse.



Fortunately Telogis GPS fleet tracking software requires no hardware investment, but the monthly cost for service is priced a tad higher at $40. Still a good price for reporting and tracking your fleet. Productivity is a numbers game and your ability to get more work completed with less cost and with fewer resources. Telogis gives you real-time access to your fleet's data which greatly improves planning and reduces overtime and unauthorized vehicle use. From rapid deployment to automated compliance and reducing insurance cost Telogis is a great product. Telogis mobile work order software provides a range of DOT compliance features that make it easy for your drivers to stay legal and for you to identify areas that need attention, such as HOS violations or missed inspections.


US Fleet Tracking
From 3g GPS trackers to cloudSat 3 tracker US Fleet Tracking carries a variety of products to track anything that moves. US Fleet Tracking is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. From how to vides to training you can’t go wrong with this solution.


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